PVSAT-16 Venue and Accommodation
University of Salford
Chapman Building
M5 4WT
United Kingdom

Salford University has a long history of applied science and technology research dating back to the 19th century thriving textile industry, and for its close collaboration with industry. Its alumni include the artist L.S. Lowry, whose work is displayed at The Lowry Art Gallery where the conference dinner will take place. From the nearby former home of prominent physicist James Prescott Joule to the modern day ‘Energy house’, which is the only fully climate-controlled research facility in the world, the energy theme has long been present. Salford was also active in the development of CuInSe2 based PV cells through to current research on photovoltaics, quantum memory devices and hydrogen storage.

Accommodation Arrangements
On-campus accommodation is not available. The University of Salford has provided accommodation at an external hotel with special rates for the deligates of PVSAT-16. This can be found at the following link: https://book.passkey.com/e/50039082